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Welcome to my travel blog, Blogger at Large!

I have over 900 blog posts on here (I know, phew!) of tips and advice for destinations, hotels, airlines as well as photos and videos. But I don’t expect you to log on every day and check if there’s a new post, so if you’d like to follow my travels or are keen on reading about some new places for your next trip, about once a month I’ll email you a selection of my latest posts plus special deals and giveaways whenever I source them.

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Bernie Limbrick

Saturday 1st of October 2022

Looking forward to hearing about more travel and tips.


Thursday 1st of September 2022

Hi Megan, Sarah Hetaraka here we met at C3 Church and the women's biz connect in Ellerslie a few years ago. I came across your blog again (not sure how) but needless to say its very encouraging. I started a faith based travel biz called Altar Travel in 2017 at the same time my husband had a traumatic brain injury after a bike accident 😳 so it took a back burner really, it ticked along. I closed Altar down through Covid even though I redirected my biz to the domestic market when travel was permitted domestically through small group tours with Cheeky Kiwi in the South Island. I went through the Ive lost the passion for travel as the international market was what I enjoyed researching and planning for. I have since reopened Altar yay! and booked my first traveller to the states yippee...having my 50th sabbatical next year has also inspired my desire to see our world and taking my hubbie back to the UK after 25 years, then onto Paris, Florence, Rome, Crete, Israel and a cruise down the Nile on Karma Karnak. We are a part of the Karma membership so its time to use our points that we have saved up.over the years of not being able to use them. And the way our world is who knows how long we will be able to enjoy hot spots like the Holy Land for ...right?

Anyhow your blog is encouraging and insightful and totally helpful in many ways. Is that business group we went to still running I think it was for travel professionals, we had lunch at the Hyatt was in 2017.

Anyway nice to see your still living out your passion. Be great to hear from you when able.

Arohanui Sarah

Jo Chick

Friday 24th of June 2022

I listen to you on ZB and love hearing all your tips!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.