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19 clever travel hacks

As we get our mojo back, post Covid, here are my best travel hacks to save you money and make your travels a whole lot...

5 fabulous rooftop bars in Auckland

If you're looking for a sky high drink in Auckland, these 5 rooftop bars will be just the ticket. Fantastic views and delicious cocktails.

52 exciting road trip games!

These 52 road trip games will keep the boredom away. Play in the car, around the campfire or anywhere a laugh is needed!

Lost luggage at airport

How NOT to lose your luggage!

Considering how many millions of suitcases fly around the world every day, losing luggage is pretty rare. But these tips will still help!

24 things to do in Hollywood

Hollywood is a tiny city within Los Angeles but it punches above its weight when it comes to amazing things to do

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